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Croucher Brewing's Nuclear Free ANZUS IPA

ANZUS was a military alliance between Australia (A), New Zealand (NZ) and the United States (US) that commenced in 1951 in the shadow of the developing Cold War. Croucher Brewing's Nuclear Free ANZUS IPA is their effort to repair relations between these three international Super-Powers. While a Nuclear Free ANZUS military alliance didn't work, the Nuclear Free ANZUS IPA with it's heady blend of the best aroma hops from Australia, New Zealand and the USA sure does. After a glass of this it won't be Uranium they'll be smelling on your breath. 

Croucher Nuclear Free ANZUS IPA was first launched at the Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular in Melbourne in 2013. Now re-launched with a new and improved recipe including 66% more aroma hops, this very popular beer is sure to knock your socks off!