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Native Affairs

In touchy-feely news, the three Matts at ParrotDog (Mr Stevens, Mr Warner and Me Kristofski) have been working with conservational organisations to build awareness for NZ's native species by feathering their nest with a range of one-off 'Rare-Bird' beers. 

The first RareBird is the Kakapo. "We'll be working with conservationists in building a narrative around the connection between the beer and the bird, as well as donating a percentage of revenue from each bottle sold to a cause directly associated with the bird we're working with," says Matt (not sure which one). "In homage to the Kakapo, population just 126, we've brewed (a beer) that is just as particular, elusive and green. A wet hopped IPL made with fresh Motueka and Cascade hop flowers. There's only a small opportunity to brew these. The flowers are harvested, shipped across the Strait that night and must be used the next day".

Speaking of birds, the PD lads are still flying high from scooping the Champion Small International Brewery at the Australian International Beer Awards earlier this year alongside trophies for their Clipped Wing low-alcohol and Pandemonium lager.